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We are recruiting for family volunteers, who are either experienced or are current family carers, to support other families in similar situations.

Join our team of LEARNING TOGETHER Volunteer Facilitators

As part of a new FREE course developed to help families of children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) plan for the future, we are looking for parent carer volunteers to use their own experience to guide and support families in similar situations.

Based on Suffolk County Council’s SEND 16+ Transitions Guide, the course covers a range of issues to help young people who receive SEND support or who have an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP) prepare for adulthood.

Full training will be given including access to the course content on our teaching platform. You can choose to deliver one or more parts of the nine session LEARNING TOGETHER programme. We want you to teach the subjects you are most enthusiastic and comfortable with and there is no pressure to deliver more than one section of the course.

We are looking for the delivery to be fun, engaging, and enthusiastic but you can decide how you want to deliver your chosen session(s). We will help you with your plan – from online conference calling with families through to fun educational videos that you create. The initial sessions will be online, but it is hoped that some will be delivered face to face in the future:

The course sessions are:

  1. Person Centred Planning

    How to help your child start thinking about their future and to make sure they are at the centre of any discussions that take place.

  2. Moving Into Adulthood Plan and Education, Health & Care Plans (EHCPs)

    How to help your child think about what they like and what their hopes are for the future.

  3. Education and Training Options

    An explanation of course levels and definitions.

  4. Employment, Work Experience and Volunteering

    A look at opportunities and next steps.

  5. Transport

    A look at the options available and how travel training can help young people get more from life by giving them the confidence to travel independently.

  6. Advocacy and Independent Advice and Support

    An overview of advocacy in Suffolk and where to find independent advice and support.

  7. Social Care

    A look at how the Care Act and the Mental Capacity Act apply specifically to families.

  8. Money

    Information on the various forms of financial support and benefits that may be available for your child during transition as well as universal credit information.

  9. Community Health and Leisure

    Information on physical activity, its benefits and how to access the various options available. We also look at changing health services where applicable to those in transition.

As a volunteer facilitator, we will provide full training to support you in facilitating your chosen subject(s). We will support you to deliver your session(s) with a continuing professional development (CPD) approach and online courses.

As a thank you, we will give you full and PRO access to our #thecompleteyou app which can help you and your family make better lifestyle choices, become healthier and more physically active.

The course has been commissioned by Suffolk County Council in collaboration with parents and carers, the SLT Group, and providers of education and health services including local NHS clinical commissioning groups.

If you are interested in joining the team or would like more information, please contact Dale Webster by either completing the contact form below, emailing dale.webster@sltgroup.org or calling 07903 468010.